Drugs and Depression APA Essay

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Running head: THE EFFECTS OF DRUGS AND DEPRESSION 1 The Effects of Drugs and Depression Following the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines Joe K. Gerb Bergen Community College THE EFFECTS OF DRUGS AND DEPRESSION 2 Abstract A person may be suffering from depressive symptoms and use narcotics with the hope of acquiring some kind of relief. Depressive symptoms can develop as a result of using mind altering substances or as part of withdrawal symptoms when taking breaks from drugs. Low mood in withdrawal can be short and self-limiting, though sometimes it may lead to a very serious and prolonged depressive illness. A person will take drugs to escape or forget a problem in…show more content…
This can make it difficult to tell precisely which drug is affecting an individual’s emotions. Doctors do, however, have a pretty good idea of what each narcotic can do due to research in individuals that have taken one drug at a time. THE EFFECTS OF DRUGS AND DEPRESSION 4 Abstract In order to be able to treat a person with depression effectively, doctors have to sort out what kind of role the narcotics may play in the depression. If the feelings of depression is simply a part of a withdrawal due to a narcotic and are only something temporary, it is very unlikely that a antidepressant will be of any benefit. Antidepressants take a bare minimum of two to three weeks to begin working. The most effective treatment in such a case would be to try and help the person at hand to get their drug use under control or stop entirely. Both taking drugs and the withdrawal process may produce depressive symptoms themselves, makingit very difficult to know what it is that’s exactly going on, if it even seems that the depression led to taking drugs in the first place. As a result, It’s extremely vital to the treatment of the individual that the problem with narcotics is sorted out so that is will be possible to further judge whether antidepressants or other treatments used for depression will be needed. This, of course, does not mean it’s
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