Drugs and Society

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Kristof 2668480 Classical Argument Drugs and the Society The use of drugs has been a major issue and concern for our government and society ever since they were created. There is an ongoing battle between the severity of marijuana and pills versus cocaine and heroine. Due to the effects of cocaine and heroine, citizens tend to view marijuana and prescription pills as socially acceptable, thus, causing our government to place relaxed laws and consequences on those who use the “acceptable” drugs. This type of response from the government is ethically wrong and is allowing people to abuse marijuana and pills on a regular basis. The effects of marijuana are much less severe than those of cocaine and heroine. When abusing marijuana the…show more content…
The consequences are definitely less severe than other drugs. An article from the National Drug Strategy Network (NDSN) Website states “Even if convicted, sentences for doctors are small, compared to those implicated in the sale of cocaine, opiates, marijuana, etc. One case is that of Dr. Eric C. Tucker, who issued more than 7,000 questionable prescriptions for the stimulant Preludin® and another 7,600 for Dilaudid®. More Dilaudid®, sometimes called "drugstore heroin," was distributed from Tucker's office every year than from the County-USC Medical Center, the West Coast's largest public hospital. Tucker, then 59, pleaded guilty to two felony counts and lost his medical license, but was only sentenced to eight days in jail“. Therefore, this portrays the idea that people who use or sell prescription drugs are getting away with it and do not suffer severe consequences for committing these crimes. Furthermore, while marijuana and pills are seen as socially acceptable, cocaine and heroine are receiving negative reviews from citizens. The effects of these drugs are so drastic that when people know family members or friends who use them they are appalled or highly concerned. In the movie “Blow” Johnny Depp is seen doing cocaine and eventually he winds up in jail for a long time. He ruins his entire life by choosing to take a drug that is harmful. This movie shares the

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