Essay about Drugs and Substance Abuse in America

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A Turn for the Worst? As the world today continues to increase in different technology, which is said to make a better and also safer society, but are they leading to road of destruction? According to the CASAColumbia organization “More than 1 in 7 Americans ages 12 and older have addiction involving nicotine, alcohol or other drugs (2014).” Meaning at 12 years old one CHILD out of seven would have an alcohol or drug addiction. Substance abuse in America is widely spread, and is definitely getting out of control. The sadness about a substance abuser is that they probably never even dreamed of using any type of drug, but when doors are closing they would kill for a way out, even kill themselves. Most drug addictions initiates in the…show more content…
A lot of broken homes are mainly the reason for substance abuse because they are just looking for a way out. Another initiator is peer pressure, most weak mind, or self-conscious, people are easily persuaded into using alcohol or drugs. All it takes is simply “Come on man, you’ll be cool” and you now have entered a life of destruction. There are so many reasons to use it, but only ONE reason not to, LIFE. Listed by, A Drug Free World Foundation, people first use drugs because of the following circumstances: 1. To escape or relax 2. To relieve boredom 3. To seem grown up 4. To rebel 5. To experiment 6. To fit in The characters in “Clean” each started from one of these factors, each of them in turn became addicts, and now placed in a rehabilitation center to face their problems, face sobriety, and face themselves. Drug and alcohol use is spreading widely across our America, and it’s turning our home into a drug country, which is not acceptable. Substances such as marijuana, meth, or alcohol is becoming quite big on the market, and also is becoming easier, and easier to obtain. However, some steps have taken for the regaining of our streets from drugs. Since meth is only different chemicals mixed together, it’s easy to manufacture. Pseudoephedrine, commonly known as Sudafed, is one of the main chemicals used in meth, but now Sudafed is an over the
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