Drugs and the Young Generation of Papua

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Drugs and the Young Generation of Papua
Circulation of drugs (narcotics , illegal drugs and other addictive substances) in Papua (not including liquor) is the lowest compared to all provinces in Indonesia.
By Dian Kandipi for Khabar South East Asia in Jayapura, Papua - 03/17/14
The prevalence of drug abuse in Papua distribution is 0.8 percent based on data BNN ( National Narcotics Agency) in 2012 . However, based on the data sampled 1000 students each school/vocational school in Jayapura, Mimika and Keerom has touched more than 1 percent. Which details in Jayapura reached 1.7 percent, reaching 1.4 percent Mimika and Keerom reached 1 percent. Even based on national survey data BNN published in 2012 in the province of Papua, drug abuse recorded by the following categories: try to use as many as 5000 people, routine use as many as 7500 people, 250 injecting drug addicted people and non- injecting drug addiction as much as 3500 people.
Kadarmanta, Head of the National Narcotics Agency ( BNN ) Papua province, said types of drugs circulating in Papua were significantly more likely marijuana, however the results of the urine test sample of 3000 students, in addition to marijuana has been circulating type of ecstasy, methamphetamine and opium. "The path of drug distribution manifold especially marijuana by road through the border of PNG - Papua. While other types of alleged by sea, and air, " said Kadarmanta to Khabar South East Asia on Friday (14/03) were found in Sentani,
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