Drugs in Prison Essay

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This research paper will consist of an analysis of the use and abuse of
illicit drugs within the prison systems on a global basis. With information
gathered from various sources such as the internet and one on one interviews
with an inmate in a male correctional facility and a former inmate of a
female correctional facility I intend to show the rampant flow of drugs in
and out of the prison system, the control of (or lack there of) by prison
officials, the drug gangs and dealers in correctional facilities, the rate
of addiction, and treatments available to inmates suffering from addiction.

The introduction of drugs into the prison system has been an issue for
corrections staff for many years. Prison officials
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Even though the men and women behind the walls are segregated
from the outside world, the same trials and tribulations you or I must deal
with each day are also dealt with by inmates. When looking at the reason
why inmates feel the need to escape from reality, the same reasoning factors
apply to those whom are not incarcerated choosing to abuse drugs. Low
self-esteem, the inability to cope with the crime or crimes committed that
caused incarceration and the deterioration of family relationships are just
a few of the reasons inmates use to turn to the use of drugs.

At one point in time the high percentage of men and women who are drug
abusers were a minority in the prison population worldwide. In 1998 Paul
Turnbull explored the prison population and found "…30% of prisoners in the
United Kingdom, two thirds of the prison population in the United States,
and 25% of probation and prison population in Sweden are believed to be
dependent drug users (Turnbull and Webster 1998)."# Studies have also found
that inmates with previous drug abuse history are in fear of punishment when
requesting treatment. Inmates who need to have drug treatment do not
receive any assistance as their fear of punishment is overwhelming thus
causing inmates to continue with their drug behavior.

The drug treatment options available to inmates varies on the country in
which the individual is incarcerated. The…