Drugs in the Work Place

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Under what circumstances should employers conduct drug testing? Should testing be done on an intermittent, random basis or should they be mandatory, and for whom? Which industries should require drug testing? Does the government mandate testing for any industry? If an employee tests positive, what should the employer do? What does drug abuse in the workplace cost business and industry annually? Which drugs are commonly abused by employees? What are potential ramifications of that abuse for the employer? Drug abuse by employees in the workplace is a major concern for many employers Approximately 16.4 million drug abusers and 15 million heavy alcohol users…show more content…
The drug free work place policy must include a written policy with drug testing procedures and consequences for violations of the policy. The drug free workplace policy must also include a drug awareness program. However, employee assisted programs for substance abuse is not required. All companies with contracts $100,000.00 or more must provide a drug free workplace policy that complies with the Drug Free Work Place Act of 1988. Also, any individuals contracted with the government and all government grant recipients are required to have a drug free workplace policy regardless of dollar amounts contract or received from the government. Students receiving the Pell Grant are included as grant recipients. Companies are required to have more stringent policies in place than individuals are required to have. The Department of Transportation and its agencies also mandated to have drug free workplace policy that follows the Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance. Under Title 49 part 40: all transportation industries such as employees of aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines and other transportation industries with safety concerns must be drug tested. The self-employed individuals, contractors and volunteers in the transportation industry are also included to follow drug testing procedures under Title 49 part 40. Employers in the transportation industry are required to maintain
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