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In “Drummer,” Guy Vanderhaeghe shows us how important the need for one 's own principles really is. Setting place in the early 1950 's, Vanderhaeghe shares a story through Billy 's point of view, a small-town fifteen year old who starts to see the why principles are necessary throughout a series of events. These include: Billy standing up to his father after getting ridiculed for attending the “wrong” church; assessing his teacher, Ms. Clark 's view on why one needs principles; and when he starts to reflect on how Nancy 's principles dictate her decisions and how she reacts to the peer-pressure that Gene, his brother puts upon her. Vanderhaeghe shows us that the issues in such a small town are no different than the ones we face in society…show more content…
When Nancy 's friend, Doreen, made a comment that she was “embarrassing” (231) her, Nancy politely replied “You know I don 't drink, Doreen” (231). Although she is constantly being pressured, she stands her ground and does not let anyone get in the way of what she believes in. Towards the end, Billy tries to kiss Nancy after walking her home. Her immediate response was “What 're you doing? [...] I 'm not your date” (235). For Nancy, kissing Gene 's brother would simply be wrong because she was originally on a date with him, not Billy. At these moments, we see that Nancy always stands up for herself and what she feels is right, no matter what anyone else thinks. Both Nancy and Billy have this ability to stand up for what they believe is right because of their principles. What would come of this world if no one had principles, let alone their own principles? Society would not be able to function if no one had a set of moral rules to guide their actions. Vanderhaeghe shows us why it is necessary to have principles through showing the lives of these small-town characters and how they relate to a larger picture in life. He gives us an insight on this with three main characters: Zipper 's dedication, which show how his principles lead to hard work and not giving up; Billy 's development in character which improve his principles, and allow him to stand up for what he believes in; and Nancy 's firm set

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