Drumming Styles Research Paper

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WFLIII Drums - Difference in Drumming Styles Pop vs. Rock Kurt Cobain famously said, “If it is illegal to rock and roll, throw my ass in jail!” And Lady Gaga has said, “Pop music will never be low brow.” There is this tendency in our culture to be a little defensive about a love for pop music, like you know that you could be listening to better stuff but you just can’t help yourself. But drummers know better. It may be wise to begin with trying to draw a line between pop and rock, before getting into a short discussion of their respective drumming styles. Rock Is Not Pop, And Vice Versa As anyone who has tried to build an indestructible wall between all songs pop and all songs rock knows, it is not really possible anymore. Music journalist…show more content…
A pop drummer is the base upon which all stands; give it all up to the performance, but in way that defers to the whole. • Be a nice person and fun to be around. Tour buses are all about tight spaces and liking the person you are slouching next to. • Be open to playing the way the pop band wants you to play; remember, they know how they want the song to sound, and they know how you can help make it happen. • Can you play to a click track, or the metronome that runs into drummer’s heads via earphones in a performance? Be remarkable at this skill and it will help you impress the pop band you want to. • Study the roots of pop music: Take it as seriously as it should be. Whether you want to rock out until the darkness of night fades into day or groove to a pop sound that has the audience on its feet all night, you’ll need to listen to the music you want to play – incessantly. A writer learns to write by reading, and a drummer, pop or rock, learns how to drum by listening, by playing the music they love hundreds and hundreds of times, to a track. Do this and you will develop the skills that are surely lurking somewhere within
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