Drumming Traditions Of Ghan Traditional Music

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NM2610 Research Essay
Drumming Traditions of Ghana

The Traditional music of Africa presents itself as an oral practice of instrumental skill passed down from ancient ancestors. This idea has influenced the sound produced through instrumentation thus allowing the replication of spoken language. Within Ghanaian tradition, the practice of dance drumming is a part of everyday culture and can be linked to religion, politics, life events and entertainment (Green 2012 p. 235-238). The practice of drumming acts as the central focus of Ghana’s musical culture functioning to form well-connected ethnic groups (Jones 1964 p. 334). Through the relationship of music and traditional ritual, an understanding of the Ghanaian culture may be comprehended. It is through the exploration of the healing ceremonies of the Asente region, funeral ceremonies of the Ewe people and the harvest ritual of the Fante Asafo companies that the manipulation of the drum through its purpose and practice holds great importance to uphold tradition.

The Asente region occupies southern Ghana and it is here that the Ewe, Akan and Ga people perform healing ceremonies and drumming practices. The ritual is performed at a shrine, as its purpose is to communicate with the gods known as ‘abosoms’. This is possible through spirit possession in which an abosom possesses a human medium that is the Asente traditional healer or ‘okmofo’. Within the community, the okmofo is highly esteemed as they act as a gateway…
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