Drunk Driver Call Report

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On 04/25/16 at about 1750 hours I responded to a possible drunk driver call at the listed address. The call stated that the complainant helped a driver in a white truck out of the intersection of Oak Ridge Rd, and Buck Smith Rd. It also stated that he believed that the driver was drunk and when he found him the driver was asleep behind the wheel. The complainant helped him out of the road way, and then called 911. When I arrived on scene I met Mr. Jacob Jordan sitting in the driver’s seat of the ford f250 truck. I woke him up because he was asleep again and his window was open. I asked him to step out of the vehicle and talk with me. When he opened the door an empty beer can fell out of the truck. Mr. Jordan admitted to driving the vehicle when I asked him about his license, which is revoked for DUI. I asked him if he wanted to perform the standardized field sobriety tests, and he agreed to do them. I found a flat spot on the road for him to perform these tests. I explained to Mr. Jordan to keep his head and body still for the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test, to keep his hands by his side, and his feet together. I instructed him to look at the tip of my finger with his…show more content…
Jordan, for the walk and turn test, to stand with one foot in front of the other touching heel to toe while I explained the test. Mr. Jordan found it difficult to remain still and lost his balance several times while I was explaining the instructions. I informed him to take nine heel to toe steps in a straight line and to pivot on his lead foot. While pivoting on his lead foot he would take a series of small steps with his other foot around the pivoting one. He was to then walk another set of nine steps heel to toe back to where he started in a straight line. I had to tell Mr. Jordan that he may begin walking three times before he began the test. None of his steps were heel to toe, and most were off of the line. Mr. Jordan also turned incorrectly, and did not count his steps
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