Drunk Driving And Drugs Are A Major Problem

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Executive Summary “Every day, on average, 4 Canadians are killed and 175 are injured in impairment-related crashes” (Canada’s Stats on Drinking and Driving, 2015). With Safe Glass in effect in bars around Canada, this number can be reduced dramatically. Safe Glass is looking to change the way people look at safety in bars, while saving Canadians every day. This product uses technology that tracks the amount of alcohol each customer in the bar has consumed. This makes it easy for the bar tender to cut someone off or find them a safe way home when they have drank too much. Safe Glass also keeps track of the contents of every customers drink. This technology stops all chances of people spiking drinks, which is a major problem in bars today.…show more content…
The primary customers are the bars themselves but Safe Glass will also advertise to the customers of bars because they are a stakeholder. By advertising to the customers of bars, bars using this product will be highly respected and deemed as safer than other bars. It is proven that customers will more likely go to a bar they feel is safer, which could increase the demand for Safe Glass. The bar industry is a continually growing market with safety becoming more and more of an issue. Safe Glass fits perfectly in this mass market by fulfilling the demand for safety in bars. Right now in bars, the only person who knows the amount of alcohol consumed by customers is the bartender and that is only by memory. Safe Glass gives bars the ability to track the amount of alcohol each customer has consumed while the other main competitors, the regular pint or shot glass have no safety features. The team of highly experienced executives at Safe Glass have the utmost confidence and commitment in the product. To enter the market Safe Glass plans to approach major bars in Ontario while starting to advertise their product to the customers of bars. This indirect and direct approach will create demand for our safety features in bars all around Ontario. In the first year of operation, Safe Glass projects that they will breakeven and make a positive profit of $94,112. Safe Glass is asking $350,000 for 40% of our company. This investment will be used to cover production costs
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