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Penalties against drunk drivers should be increased
If the current penalties for drunk driving are good enough, there should be far less alcohol-related accidents, but that is not the case. Deaths from alcohol-related car accidents have dropped by a third in the last three decades, but that is not enough considering the damage still being done. Every day approximately 29 people in the United States die because of driving under the influence. The most terrible part about this is when innocent people die because of the actions of another. I believe the recurrence of DUI’s are mainly caused by people who do not take the related dangers seriously and look at the penalties as not that severe. The other reasons why people drink and drive are based on several categories that relate to decision making. When all factors have combined the risk of drunk driving increases. Penalties for drunk driving should be increased to help prevent more fatalities.
There is still a large number of traffic fatalities involving alcohol and this is not acceptable. “Every two hours, three people are killed in alcohol-related highway crashes. The consequences of drinking and driving are arrests, property damage, injuries, and thousands of deaths each year” (Chambers 1). In 2010, there were about four million U.S adults reported for driving under the influence. “Alcohol-related highway crashes accounted for 13,365 deaths in 2010, and to top that off, the alcohol-related accidents cost Americans an
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