Drying Of Potato Slices : Effect Of Pretreatments

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The effect of pretreatments on drying characteristics of potato slices was investigated in a cabinet dryer. The experiments were conducted on potato slices with thickness of 8 mmat 65Cwith an air velocity of 2.0 m/s.Prior to drying,potato sliceswere pretreated with citric acid solution (1:25 w/w, 3 min, 20C) or blanched hot water
(3 min, 80C). Besides, the untreated samples were dried as control. The shortest drying time was obtained with potatoes pretreated with citric acid solution. The drying data were fitted with ten mathematical models available in the literature. The results indicated thatMidilli et al.,
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A possible method of storing potatoes and avoiding further deterioration is by drying treatment of the product. Decreasing the moisture content guards against degradative reactions, fromboth the physicochemical and microbiological points of view (Rosselló et al. 1992).
Drying is a classical method of food preservation, which provides an extension of shelf life, lighterweight for transportation and less space for storage (Okos et al. 1992; Teles et al.
2006; Pardeshi et al. 2009). The main objective of any drying process is to produce a dried product of desired quality at minimum cost and maximum throughput, and to optimize these factors consistently (Teles et al. 2006). This process improves the food stability, since it reduces considerably the water and microbiological activity of the material and minimizes physical and chemical changes during its storage
(Hatamipour et al. 2007). Sun drying is the most common drying method of agricultural product in the tropical and subtropical countries. This method is cheapest and is successfully employed in various agricultural products.Moreover, it is traditionally practiced because there is negligible cost in processing and work of spreading and turning the crop.
However, the long drying time is undesirable for economic reasons and because of the danger of contamination and spoilage of the product exposed to the open environment
(Sacilik et al. 2006; Adedeji et al. 2008). To improve the quality of products,
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