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From an early age, my desire has always been to make a difference in the world. Ever since I can remember the only sincere desire I have ever had is to help others in some way and to brighten the world that surrounds me. When I was growing up the careers I considered were being a teacher, a counselor, a doctor, a researcher, an archeologist, a missionary, or a preacher. Some of the accomplishments I made in the first half of my life were serving as a Sunday school teacher, a volunteer tutor, and homeschooling my seven children, four of which I adopted. While employed as a city bus driver my greatest joy became helping those less fortunate who were homeless, on dialysis, or had disabilities such as blindness or deafness. I spent many hours of my free time investigating programs such as the Salvation Army and the Lighthouse for the Blind or researching devices such as phones or computer software like JAWS to help some of my clients live more healthy,…show more content…
There is no one I admire more than someone who strives to overcome their disabilities, as these individuals often achieve feats that are higher than those who do not have any disabilities at all. After starting college, I discovered that I also have a passion for researching cures and genetics, which was partially due to my Biology class. On one occasion while watching a movie where genetics research improved the vision of a woman with macular degeneration, I became so moved and touched that I began to cry. Researching and finding cures that improve the quality of people’s lives would be my ultimate dream. Although, I am not entirely sure which career to pursue, I do know that I will be the happiest in a position that helps others, whether that is merely assisting someone to open a door, showing someone I care, or in some small way bringing a smile to someone’s
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