Dsc Model

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PPS: By utilizing the DiSC Model used Personal Profile System (PPS) we were able to define your Dimension of Behavior. You display dominant behavior of Influence or simply (I). This is because you genuinely love people. Your very engaging, always hosting events, coaching intramural/youth, you enjoy being recognized as a capable leader and making lasting impressions. This is a powerful tool, influencing people helps to create trust…the bedrock of any effective leader. Your secondary behavior was Steadiness or (S). Using the model, I came to this conclusion your devoted/loyal, you enjoy helping others, you thrive in a conflict free work environment and you fly within an established vector. TD: After carefully assessing the Team Dimension Profile tool, I determined you are Executor. Since you are very oriented, you were always a key…show more content…
You been had assignments in Pacific Air Forces Command (PACAF), Air Mobility Command (AMC) and United States Air Forces Europe (USAFE). As a Security Forces NCO, various assignments are critical to both technical and professional development. You also have held several duty positions to include; Installation Entry Controller, Response Force Member/Leader, Law Enforcement Patrolman, Alarm Monitor, Electronic Security Systems NCOIC, and Assistant Flight Chief. This has allowed you to gain a large breath of experience which is instrumental to you development and your ability to develop your Airmen. For this reason, I am recommending you for assignment a Technical Training School Instructor. Your expertise and vast experiences as a SF leader will help to shape the future of our career field. You are passionate and proud of what do; you genuinely care about the health and well-being of your Airmen. I think you would be an ideal fit for the assignment…I know you will excel. We can review SPECAT and DSD Guide for additional
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