Dss, Information And Technology Personnel Essay

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DSS’ Information and Technology Personnel/Roles To ensure success for DSS, we will hire at least five information technology personnel to start the business venture of gaining better traction of customer satisfaction and loyalty. These positions will include: a software engineer, a web developer, a social media content specialist, a mobile application developer, and a cloud computing specialist. These five specialists will position DSS on the road to success in the ever-expanding scrapbook market. More importantly, the use of these experts will increase the efficiency and ultimately the loyalty of our customers to our company. The most important information technology position for DSS will be the software engineer who is concerned with developing and maintaining software systems that perform reliably and efficiently. Equally important is the engineer’s recommendation for systems that are affordable, easy to develop and maintain, and satisfy all the requirements that DSS has defined for them (Software engineering, n.d., para 1). Clearly, the software engineer will have to conduct an analysis of our requirements and current software capabilities to design the most effective system for our needs. Next, DSS will have to hire a web developer to present the best picture of DSS online and to further our business development. According to one source, a web developer is a programmer who designs programs and applications for the World Wide Web. More importantly, a web
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