Dst Is Bad For Everyone 's Health

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The most convincing premise is P2. This sub-argument seems to be intended as deductive because the author suggests that this premise is conclusively supported by using forceful language to state that DST is certainly bad for everyone’s health, as opposed to possibly being harmful. In this case, the argument is invalid. It can be true that DST causes adverse health effects but for some people to not suffer from these. Therefore, the conclusion that DST is bad for all people’s health is false despite the premises being true. However, if the argument is to be taken as non-deductive it becomes more convincing. The article gives probable evidence that DST is bad for people’s health because it puts people at risk of suffering these negative effects. Therefore, the argument is strong because the conclusion is probable. Furthermore, there is no reason to disbelieve the research that provided this information, including the sub sub-argument: early morning sunlight is important for those affected by SAD, DST short-changes these early morning hours which is why DST negatively affects people with SAD. Therefore, assuming the background research is true, this argument is cogent. While there may be counter-arguments involving people whose health is not affected, this argument is convincing because it is probable that something which is linked to damaging people’s health is bad for people’s health. To evaluate the least effective argument, let’s consider P6. Again, this argument is

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