Dst Systems Scores with Scrum and Application Lifecycle Management

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DST systems scores with scrum and application lifecycle management 1- What were some of the problems with DST system ' old software development environment? I think they were some many software problem, such as the managers were unable to easily determine how the resources were being allocated, which also the employees were working on certain projects and status of specific assets. The group development had used a mixtures of tools processes and source code control systems without any unified repository for code or a standardized developer tool set. And Also I think DST must use new method and better than the old traditional. 2- How did Scrum development help solve some of those problems? The Scrum is exists software development…show more content…
The overhead cost in terms of process and management is minimal thus leading to a quicker, cheaper result. Drawbacks: Agile Scrum is one of the leading causes of scope creep because unless there is a definite end date, the project management stakeholders will be tempted to keep demanding new functionality is delivered. If a task is not well defined, estimating project costs and time will not be accurate. In such a case, the task can be spread over several sprints. If the team members are not committed, the project will either never complete or fail. It is good for small, fast moving projects as it works well only with small team. This methodology needs experienced team members only. If the team consists of people who are novices, the project cannot be completed in time. Scrum works well when the Scrum Master trusts the team they are managing. If they practice too strict control over the team members, it can be extremely frustrating for them, leading to demoralisation and the failure of the project. If any of the team members leave during a development it can have a huge inverse effect on the project development Project quality management is hard to implement and quantify unless the test team are able to conduct regression testing after each sprint. Scrum is just one of the many iterative and incremental agile software development method. You can find here a very detailed

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