Dtac Business Analysis

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ABSTRACT Date: Program: Course Authors Teacher Title Strategic question Purpose 2008-05-26 International Marketing Master Thesis International Marketing (EF0705) Parunya Vanasakul Ploychompoo Wankeao Supisra Arayaphong (830422) (850418) (831102) Tobias Eltebrandt The battle of DTAC in Thailand’s mobile phone operator market How can DTAC gain higher market share by focusing on customers in Bangkok? The purpose of this research is to investigate, analyze current competition between DTAC and other competitors with customer insight in order to find out the possibility for DTAC to gain more market share in Thai telecommunication market by focusing on customers in Bangkok area. Researchers apply ‘Business Strategy theory and Marketing mix for…show more content…
Introduction DTAC – a short background and history In accordance with DTAC’s annual report 2007, Total Access Communication Public Company Limited has the operation under “DTAC” brand. DTAC is one of the leading players among three principal operating cellular services in Thailand market. DTAC has positioned itself as a favorite choice for customers in term of services and value of money. Moreover, DTAC has consistently expanded its network coverage and quality. In 2007, DTAC has total cell sites all over the country around 8,166 sites. DTAC has expanded its distribution network outside the traditional telecom sales channels in
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