Dtc Advertising Effects

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Prescription or Poison: The Effects of Direct to Consumer Advertising
New Zealand and the U.S are the only two countries in the world where Direct to Consumer (DTC) of prescription is legal. DTC of drugs means the commercials listing of potential problems and then suggesting a pill as a solution. These commercials often advertise drugs that are not FDA approved, as they are not required to. Drug manufacturing companies, not the doctors, put out these advertisements in media. These DTC ads used to have to go through doctors to get sold, but now they use DTCA to sell their products, therefore are not required to inform the consumer about all risks.
In 2015, at solely retail pharmacies, over 4,065,000,000 prescriptions were filled within a year. DTCA of drugs is a controversial issue that is addressed around the world and affects countless families whom have family members that have faced repercussions of DTCA. The U.S
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According to Dr. Stange and the U.S. Library of Medicine, “58% strongly agree that DTC ads make the drugs seem much better than they are”. ( This DTCA is a pipedream for people. The economy is extremely altered by the expensive drugs being advertised. According to the International Society for Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research, “DTCA may also increase the utilization and health care costs by only focusing on the newest and most expensive drugs”. ( Thus, the squabble of society is sustained. Nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescribed drug, the over utilization of this is becoming more apparent. Dr. Matthews of the Mackinac Center states that, “giving away samples lures patients into using prescription drugs.” ( Which shows how the companies weigh the sales of their products to the help of the
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