Dtlls Assignment 4

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For this assignment the task is to plan a successful trip to either a ‘castle’ or the ‘woods.’ Throughout the module it has been about discussing how children learn and most importantly where. Learning is defined only in the classroom, children learn every second of every day regardless in and out of the classroom. Every individual is unique and each child has different learning styles, some are able to learn at a desk whilst others learn through doing, it is a teacher’s job to know of these styles in order for a child to succeed. “Individual children have different learning styles or preferred ways of interacting with the environment. When learning styles are taken into account learning can be enhanced..” [DCELLS ii 2008:10]
Within lectures, environments in general were discussed and how an environment can motivate a child to learn, “The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences,” Montessori [1995:81] by an environment being exciting, it
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They must know the expectations of how they will assist the teacher to ensure the classes learning and safety. Each chaperone must have had a DBS check in order to be able to take part on the trip.

Health and Safety is a main priority when it comes to organising a school trip. According the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, teachers have a duty to ensure an assessment has been undertaken every time a trip is being held, sites normally have a risk assessment already put in place however, and it is the job of the teacher to adapt it to the learners within the class.

There are a number of curricular skills being used throughout the whole week, these include:
Understand why people did things, what caused specific events and the consequences of those events Identify differences between ways of life at
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