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LEL Task 1 – Learner Profile


Information about Faisa was gathered through a recorded interview, informal conversations in class, class assessments and a learning styles test (VAX).


Faisa is a 21-year-old Somali woman. She moved to the UK in 2006 as a refugee. She lives in a council flat with her brother, his wife and her baby nephew. She worked in a mobile-phone shop for five months in 2008, but has been unemployed for the past eighteen months and claims benefits. Faisa attended classes at Enfield College before joining my ESOL Entry 3 class, and has a full ESOL Entry 2 certificate. She joined my class because she was put on the Job Centre’s ‘New Deal Program’, which offers job seekers the
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Her requests to read and write stories led me to use Penguin Readers in class and she was very involved in reading some of the stories aloud, discussing the ideas in the stories and writing short reviews and stories. This new goal motivates her language learning and supports the Andragogical theory that adult learners learn best when they are interested in the subject they are learning and the lesson is useful to them. Her high aspirations with regard to understanding English keeps her focused on improving her expression in English. The result is that her basic communication skills, e.g. with the Housing office or the doctor is better than most E3 learners.


Despite her very positive approach to language class, Faisa has many personal factors affecting her progress.
When she was fourteen her sister was killed and she was seriously injured in a bombing on her home in Mogadishu. As a result Faisa suffers extreme migraine headaches and often cannot come to class, or has to leave early. She says the pain is like a fire in her skull. Faisa is also dyslexic, having been diagnosed while in Sweden. She does not see this as a difficulty. She wears tinted glasses and has a transparent blue plastic ruler that she uses over her reading material to aid her. At the moment Faisa’s sister-in-law is gong through a difficult pregnancy and so Faisa has a greater amount of responsibility at home. She does not mind this but
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