Dtmf Remote Appliance Control System Using Mobile Phone

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This project “DTMF REMOTE APPLIANCE CONTROL SYSTEM USING MOBILE PHONE” is used to control appliances which are far away from the user using mobile phone. The aim of the proposed system is to develop a cost effective solution that will provide controlling of home appliances remotely and enable home security against intrusion in the absence of homeowner. The devices connected as home and office appliances consume electrical power and they should be controlled as well as turn on /off if required. Most of the time, it was done manually. Now it is a necessity to control devices more effectively and efficiently at anytime from anywhere. Take an instant when we are going to office and suddenly remembered that to
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Relays allow a small current flow circuit to control a high current circuit.

1.2.8 Devices: The devices can be micro-wave oven, bulbs, fans, air cooler, etc which are far away from the user. The micro-controller plays the intelligent part in controlling these devices.

1.3 Working: This project is used to control the appliances present at a distance using a mobile phone. The first step is the user should make a call to the mobile phone, which is in auto answer mode and thus call gets connected. The user presses the digits present over the keypad of his phone for controlling the appliances present at home or office. Whenever a button is pressed a tone is generated and it is transferred to the mobile phone present in the home or office, which is interfaced with the DTMF transceiver. The DTMF receiver decodes the tone generated and it activates the controller accordingly. The controller operates the devices according to the coding set by the user. The status of the devices whether they are ON/OFF is indicated in the LCD.

Introduction: The MT8888C is a monolithic DTMF transceiver with call progress filter. It is fabricated using CMOS technology and it offers low power consumption and high reliability. The receiver section is based upon the industry standard MT8870
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