Dual Career Families

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Dual Career Families The societies in the United States and other societies abroad are enduring many changes at a rather rapid rate. The changes that I am specifically referencing are those involved with altering the norms and cultural traditions among marriages. There is a vast amount of growth among both the husband and wife fulfilling full-time careers. In the past, more traditional marriages existed. The husband would endure a full-time career while the wife stayed at home and completed the majority of the domestic work. The traditional marriage has definitely changed, as it has become more of a norm for both the husband and wife to maintain separate careers. Research has identified numerous variables that affect the stability of a…show more content…
A higher rate of depression and anxiety is found among men. Their rates of depression and anxiety are related to their partner's job commitment and/or satisfaction and work demands. Women on the other hand suffer a higher rate of depression from these job related features. The discussion and communication that takes place among couples in regards to work related issues has different affects on men versus women. Evidence suggests that for men, frequent discussion is related to reduced well-being and higher levels of anxiety about their partner's jobs, whereas the quality of the communication makes little difference. On the other hand, for women, frequency of discussion about work makes little difference, but the perception that communication with their partner is based on mutual understanding and helpfulness is related to higher levels of female psychological well-being (Crossfield, Kinman, Jones, 2005). The research has conveyed the affects of work related discussion; it has also portrayed the manners in which a husband and wife commonly react to stressors. Women tend to react to work stressors in more of an outward focused and expressive manner. Men chose to be more inwardly focused and withdrawn. The research has displayed that the majority of women wish to
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