Dual Degree In College Essay

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We have a routine every time we go grocery shopping. First, my siblings dash to the van to search for spare coins. Second, I check my mother’s checking account to see how much we can use to spend. Third – if it’s under $100, I transfer money from my mother’s nearly depleted savings account. If it’s over $100, I pray a silent prayer of gratefulness.
Every time this routine is performed, it is a renewed realization of my family’s situation. Nevertheless, I my focusing on utilizing my resources, I have grown determined in my journey of reaching excellence.
After high school, I plan to pursue a college degree at the Swarthmore College in order to double major in entrepreneurship and chemistry. The reason I wish to major in these two disciplines
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First, I plan on finding a job as a marketing analyst or chemist. This will allow me to earn a stable salary, so I can assist my mother in supporting my younger siblings. Next, I plan on dedicating a large part of my time to working with non-profit organizations that focus on helping low-income youth in various forms, such as mentorship or job shadowing.

As a low-income student myself, I feel as it is my duty to give back to my community and inspire other students to reach success. Thus said, I plan on creating my own organization that will provide similar youth with access to resources that will help shape their future. I envision the organization offering college preparation information, career advice, health information sessions, and leadership workshops. With these aspects, I believe I will be able to help guide students onto a path of excellence, despite their social economic statuses.

Overall, earning a scholarship will allow me to earn a degree in college, which will increase my ability to give back to my community, as well as my ability to support my family. Thank you for the honor of allowing me to share my story. Hopefully, the LEAD Foundation will assist me in my plans of achieving higher bars of
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