Dual Diagnosis

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However the willingness of doctor can have an immense impact when they are working with dual diagnosis (Werner, 2012). Studies have shown that having preconceived attitudes can result in the unknowing to work with certain individuals (Werner, 2012). In addition studies have that the biggest factor of working with dual diagnosis is that of the willingness. In which the willingness plays a since the interest in working with/helping individuals can be a factor (Werner, 2012). Additionally, a study was conducted on 476 participants to determine if willingness and having a bias would be a contributing factor (Werner, 2012). What the researchers discovered was three specific results (Werner, 2012). The first result was that the study
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Studies have shown special education students who are dual diagnosis will be treated with insufficient care (Jamie & Knowlton, 2007). Nevertheless there is hope and it’s called a visual aid (Jamie & Knowlton, 2007). Research has determined that the different types of visual aid that are helpful with students who are dual diagnosis are icons, comic strips, visual cues, choice boards and token boards for doing a decent job (Jamie & Knowlton, 2007). With seeing that students can be taught using visual aide a recent study was conducted on the effectiveness of using visual aids (Jamie & Knowlton, 2007). The recent study was conducted on children who has been diagnosed with dual diagnose and show signs of mental retardation (Jamie & Knowlton, 2007). In the study there were three specific ideas that the researchers where able to concluded (Jamie & Knowlton, 2007). The first result was that it was discovered that visual cues do indeed help immensely when they are being involved in helping students (Jamie & Knowlton, 2007). The second result was that in addition to visual cues the visual schedules, rating scale and comic strips were all helpful with special educated individuals with dual diagnosis (Jamie & Knowlton, 2007). And the last result from the study was that when a student becomes more satisfied the more they would need to push their selves to the next level (Jamie & Knowlton,
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