Essay on Dual-Earner Family

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“In dual earner families, the father’s willingness to share responsibilities is a crucial factor. If he is uninvolved, the mother will carry a double load, at home, and work, which leads to fatigue, distress, and little time and energy for children” (Berk, 2009). The challenges that Deb, Ron and their children face are both parents work on none stop schedule. Deb and Ron interview gave insight as to how busy they are; they also talked about how their typical day goes. For example in Ron’s interview, he discusses how his day starts. He wakes up at 5:30am, gets himself ready for work, open blinds to let in the day light, get the children their morning juice, bring Deb her water so that she can wake up and began her day. Along with…show more content…
From the interview, Deb and Ron did not share if they had even attempted to address their schedule and the lack of family time they give the children. Challenges that may present itself within this case of Deb and Ron being a dual earner family, is time management, quality time for each other, as well as quality time for their children, Deb and Ron need to look at a way to achieve work and life balance. In identifying, the first possible key issue is time management it is something that stands out for Deb and Ron. If they apply family time management skills, they can improve their quality of family time. One key component in sharing quality time together is being clam and focused on family activities. Secondly, Ron and Deb may find it helpful to do family goal setting; in order for this to work, they have to both be willing to put in the time. However, before Ron and Deb can be successful at this they must make decisions about their priorities, such as what are their needs and the needs of different family members? For example, Charlie may, need more play time with dad, and one on one cuddle time with mom. Thirdly, they could use a family calendar; this tool will help with family scheduling. The next issues Ron and Deb will need to address are making sure they are giving their children quality time. This time is important in their social development stages; children are learning to form and value relationships with others. Intimate and caring relationships are
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