Dual Enrollment Program

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Around seven months ago, several of my classmates and I walked into our high school’s computer lab and logged onto Northwestern State University’s (NSU) Moodle website for the first time. Over the next seven months, we logged into our accounts several more times, often every day of the week. As dual-enrollment students, we have been attending online college courses through this website as high school students. These courses allow us to get a head start in our college educations. While this experience has been largely beneficial to us as students, it has not been an entirely pleasant one. The NSU dual-enrollment program has issues, but there are solutions to these problems. Before going into the specifics of these issues, I will say that…show more content…
The other courses had all of the work assigned from the beginning, and the teachers never posted anything in their “News” forums. Another concern with communication is that some teachers do not even answer students’ questions. Several of my classmates have stories of asking a teacher through email and the messaging system on Moodle about a grade or an assignment and never getting so much as a confirmation that the teacher ever even read the messages. I have personally messaged a professor on Moodle after receiving confusing results on an essay before and received this lack of response. This suggests that these teachers have apathy for their dual-enrollment students. This feeling does not do much to motivate students. The problem is rather straightforward, so the solution is as well. The only real way to fix this issue is for dual-enrollment professor’s to become more involved in their students’ education. These teachers could post news or announcements around once a week like other teachers already do. They could give attention to students’ concerns and give informative and timely responses. The second problem to address is retention of the information we are given. I have observed that my classmates find it hard to retain the knowledge we receive from these courses. A large part of this is actually the student’s fault for not studying the information. They do not study, however, because they find the courses to be boring. I noticed this mostly in our Fine Arts
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