Dual Enrollment Programs For High School Students

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Dual enrollment involves high school students taking college-level classes at either a high school or college campus and earning credits toward both high school diploma and college degrees. One of its purposes is to warm students up for their future institutions. This is important because the more prepared they are, the less time they will waste on adjusting. Another purpose is to increase students’ academic strength; what and how much they learn will decide how well they will perform academically. Dual enrollment programs also aim to help students graduate college in time or even early because taking college classes in high school is essentially extending the time spent in college, giving students extra time to explore themselves and earn the credits needed for graduation. The efficiency of dual enrollment programs depends on how well it fulfills its purposes, as well as its cost, accessibility, and convenience on students --- those are the deciding factors when they consider dual enrollment. Dual enrollment programs have been working incredibly well, and they benefit students in various ways. First, taking dual enrollment classes gives students a chance to experience the fast paced learning in a college atmosphere; consequently, they will need little time to adapt when they start college in the future. For example, I took Elementary Statistics as a dual enrollment class at a community college, and the experience was unforgettable because it’s totally different from high

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