Dual Enrollment Virginia / Us History Essay

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NATHANAEL GREENE AND HIS CONTRIBUTION TO THE AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR Bradley Greiner Dual Enrollment Virginia/US History October 2016 1 From a young age, Nathanael Greene showed much interest in militaries and war, and soon in his life, he got his chance to become a very glorified hero. Potowomut on August 7, 1742. Before the beginning of the war, Greene worked as a blacksmith. His father, also named Nathanael, owned an iron forge, serving as the place of Greene’s work. Also, Greene was born into a family of Quakers, his father serving as a minister of the Society of Friends. Greene was very enthusiastic about reading, going through every book at his disposal. He showed an early interest in books on military sciences, concerning many in the Quaker community in which he lived. Greene served in the colonial legislature in Rhode Island, earning him knowledge in politics and military affairs. After attending many military parades and meetings, Greene was expelled from Quaker meetings. This was because Quakers believe in peace and are against war, but Nathanael was very passionate about military sciences. Separating himself from the Quaker faith was a major decision Greene made. At the age of 32, Nathanael married a woman by the name of Catharine Littlefield. They both had six children, all but one of whom survived through childhood. Nathanael served in the colonial legislature and the Rhode Island General Assembly for about 8 years. He was first elected deputy

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