Dual Language Program

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I really enjoyed reading your post because you have a very different opinion than how I feel. You brought up a lot of good questions reading a Dual Language program. I do agree with you when you said that if you come to this country you should learn to speak English. I also agree with you when you said that our schools are accommodating English Language Learners (ELL). However, regarding Dual Language programs, I personally feel that these programs benefit both those who are ELL and English speaking students.
A Dual Language program allows both students writing and oral proficiencies in both languages. Those in these programs have better standardized testing scores in math and reading. Lastly, the programs provide a positive attitude
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My daughter does not see the benefits of learning Spanish and does not take this as her foreign language even though I always explain the benefits to her. Not only will this program help when communicating with others, either while traveling or here in the United States, but if you take someone who only speaks English and someone who knows more than one language applying for the same job, I personally feel the one who speaks more than one language will have a better chance of getting that job. This is just how it is in today’s society.
To answer a question about what would happen to teachers that did not speak the second language, I feel that they will have to take another language as a course and could use it for their re-certification hours. If they did not do this, then I would think that they would be fired from their job because they would not be qualified to teach their current position.
Do you find any benefits for having a Dual Language program? If so, what are they?
Here is a web link that provides questions and answers regarding a Dual Language program
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas in your
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