Dual Relationship and Boundaries Paper

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Dual Relationships and Boundaries Paper
Donna Lee, Rachelle Jones, and Jamie Owens
Psych 545
March 14, 2011
Dr. Marc Miller
Dual Relationships and Boundaries Paper
Most major professional codes of ethics have a policy or rule against dual relationships (Gottlieb, 1993). Dual relationships exist when a professional acts at the same time or sequentially in two roles (Gottlieb, 1993). Through the course of this paper, the concept of dual relationships will be examined. Ethical issues with dual relationships will be explained as well as the clarification and analyzation of a specific dual relationship. Not to mention the explanation of challenges presented by boundary issues in professional psychology.
Define the Concept of Dual
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The guidelines also assert to maintain boundaries, beware my own values, be prepared to lose a friendship, remain mindful of confidentiality, and to recognize when treatment should be terminated (Gottlieb, 1993). However, concerning the dual relationship at hand, these guidelines give me ideas to ponder on when dealing with a close acquaintance.
If I were to consult with my close friend’s daughter, the friend would want me to talk to her about the information that was discussed in the sessions. Because of the confidentiality agreement, I would not be able to discuss these things with her. This may cause the close friend to have hard feelings towards me because I would not be able to relay the information. This would be because she would be viewing me as a friend and not as a professional doing my job. While these guidelines are simple and easy to grasp, it is impossible to completely avoid dual relationships on a daily basis (Gottlieb, 1993). Therefore, I would not take a chance on conducting business with my close friend. I would much rather prefer to refer her to someone else who is also very proficient in adolescent counseling.
Ethical Issues Presented by Dual Relationships and the Most Ethical Solution
In this scenario, as a psychologist I face several ethical issues. According to the American Psychological Association, Ethical Principles of Psychologist and Code of Conduct there are at least six standards I have to
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