Dual Role Relationships : Impacting The World Of Counseling

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Dual Role Relationships: Impacting the World of Counseling Anna O 'Bannon Lindenwood University, Belleville Dual Relationships: Impacting the World of Teaching and Counseling Dual relationships play a big part in the counseling environment. Unfortunately, they transpire without notice but once those lines are crossed, it is ultimately the counselor’s responsibility to ensure proper guidelines are being followed so the client is not being exploited. Guidelines are generally adhered to if the counselor maintains professional distance and recognize the boundaries that are set in place. If the client is exploited, the counselor is faced with the task of fixing the problem and not leaving the client to find his or her way out of this situation. In all likelihood, could result in the patient having a bad experience with counseling, the counselor’s reputation being ruined, or a complaint being filed of which the counselor has to appear before the state licensing board, or in court. The origination of a dual relationships can come about without notice. However, they are very prevalent in the profession of counseling. Pierson and Piazza (1997). p. 89. It was researched and found that, The American Psychological Association Ethics committee (1988) reported dual relationship’s accounted for 23% of all ethical
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