Dualism And Its Effects On Society

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The concept of Dualism has been around for ages, basically, dualism is the idea that mental phenomena are, in some respects, non-physical, or that the mind and body are not identical. By default, it is all too common that someone has a broad sense of the opposite of dualism. That is, the average Joe would most likely think that sensations and other mental states are entirely physical. To speak and discuss about dualism, one must first break down a few key aspects of it, and explain the necessary definitions. Physicalism is the position that everything in our world which exists, is no more than its own physical characteristics, and that the only true existing substance is physical. In general, this sounds somewhat convincing and true. In fact, most scientifically minded people assume physicalism to be sound and valid. There is commonly some confusion with Physicalism and Dualism, Physicalism bumps heads with its opponent dualism. Looking at Physicalism, there is a “cousin” related to it, called Naturalism. For those who favor an independent mind free from religious blockades, Naturalism is a top choice. To be naturalistic, one must hold the views that mental states are just as much as part of the natural order as trees and dirt. Naturalism and Physicalism obviously butt heads. With everything that I personally have researched and learned about dualism, I feel the most clearly and sound explanation to be Naturalistic Dualism, and here is why. The most general form of…
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