Duality In Frankenstein Essay

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Growing up, everyone is afraid of monsters, constantly checking under their beds and searching for what’s around every corner. But, were they looking in the right places? In the gothic fiction novel, Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus, Mary Shelley shows how a person is capable of monstrosity. Shelly portrays the maliciousness of society and uses her characters to show the dark turn one’s life can take when exposed to destructive qualities, like fixation and recklessness. The protagonist-turned-antagonist, Victor Frankenstein, was once a passionate scientist, but became obsessed with the power of his work and allowed this preoccupation to take control of his life. Corrupted with the desires of reaching the impossible and surpassing…show more content…
Loneliness and isolation, as expected, lead to the monsters angriness which resulted in a vengeful rampage. Victors cowardly self is to blame for all the mishaps that came after, including the deaths of Justine, William, Elizabeth, the Monster, and his own. Victor Frankenstein lost his humanity and Mary Shelley uses him to show the dangers of a flawed human abusing the power of science. The monster was selfishly created by Victor Frankenstein and is incorrectly framed as the monster in the novel. The monsters deemed ugly appearance caused Victor to literally run the other way and be left stranded minutes after waking up. Having just been brought into a new world, the monsters conscience clearly had not yet been developed, when it was left to survive on its own. So, of course without any guidance how could it have acted correctly? The monsters first instinct was to smile which shows it wasn’t born a monster or with bad intentions, all it wanted was love and acceptance as would any creature. It didn’t know what was or wasn’t normal so it would act strangely which caused further rejection from the outside
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