Duality In Research Paper

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We as human beings struggle constantly to find meaning in our existence. There are complex stories of how we came to be, as well as many religions that we believe in and follow in order to find a place in this world. Philosophers all over the world tend to encourage us to give thought to antithetical concepts such as how we came to be or even concepts like good vs evil, love vs hate and even first world vs third world. We distinguish between the opposing terms because we want one rather than the other. That sounds abstract, but such dualities are actually quite tricky for us to defend. If, for example, wealth is extremely important to me, then I am also concerned about avoiding poverty. If is important to live a pure life, then I need to be engrossed with avoiding impurity. We cannot take one lens without the other and such lenses filter our experience in…show more content…
Such a tendency isn’t necessarily a bad thing because we are living in an age when we are bombarded with so much information it has become nearly impossible to filter out the relevant from the nonsensical. We need these filters in order to keep our brains from overloading. It becomes more than just habit to apply them. Soon, it becomes such a part of who we are that we do it when, perhaps, it might be better to stop filtering and think about what we are reading, or hearing, or seeing, and give it the privilege of actual thought. Instead of being wired to think something we need to understand why we think, what we think. For example, everyone clearly understands the differences between good and evil. When people think of good and evil their brains are subconsciously wired to think hero vs villain. If thought about, from a young age, we are shown how a “hero” is supposed to behave versus how a “villain” is supposed to behave. For instance, the infamous movie “Sleeping Beauty” by Walt Disney, is a perfect example of how good and evil actually
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