Dubai International Airport, The Country Of United Arab Emirates

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Dubai international airport is located in the country of United Arab Emirates, in the city of Dubai. It is

located approximately 5 kilometres from Dubai city centre, making it a desirable location for tourism

and economic growth(El Gazzar,2016). According to Emirates civil aviation authority, it is ranked as the

world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic and third busiest in the world based in terms of

passenger traffic. It is the hub of operations, strictly for Fly Emirates. Both the airport and the airline are

owned and operated by the government of Dubai, the royal family(El Gazzar,2016). Currently,

approximately 100 airlines operate out of the airport, serving 240 destinations. In 2014, airport capacity

increased to 10.7%, brining the volume of traffic to 70.4 million passengers yearly(El Gazzar,2016) .


The airport is situated in the Al-Garhoud district and covers approximately 7,200 acres of land. Dubai

airport was built in the 1960’s and operated with only one runway, which was 1800 metres long(Yahoo

finance, 2012). Over the years, it has seen several expansions. Currently, it has two parallel runways

located just 385 metres apart(Group, 2015).


The United Arab Emirates is growing at an exponential rate. According to the oxford business group,

who have collected tourism data in the region. The research shows that since 2003, the number of

visitors has grown consistently at 6.3% from…
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