Dubai Is The Biggest And Most Populated City Of The Arab Emirates

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1. Where is Dubai?
Dubai is the biggest and most populated city in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), which is situated in the Middle East (Asia). Dubai is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf (shown in Fig1) and is one of the seven emirates that make up the country. Being situated where it is, it makes an ideal hub for tourists coming from Asia and Europe.
Dubai is one of the busiest and richest cities in the world. The total population, calculated in January 2013 was 2,106,177. Dubai is home to people from over 200 countries. Currently there are more expats living in Dubai than actual nationals.
There is an approximately 8% growth rate each year in Dubai. (, (2013)
Fig. 1 Dubai on the World Map [1]

Dubai Creek
(google images)

Fig.2 Map of the city of Dubai [2]
2. Traditional Culture and way of life

Dubai culture: The official language of the country is Arabic, however most people in and out of the workplace communicate in English. Religion plays a significant role in the culture of Dubai. Mosques are found throughout the city.
The city also houses other religious places of worship, such as churches and Temples.
Tourists are also allowed to visit the local mosques and cultural/religious buildings to get a real feel of the way of life there, (as long as they are following proper guidelines).
Culture in Dubai is engrained to Islamic traditions. Even though it is against the religion to drink, alcohol is not illegal in Dubai as long as it is

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