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The project problem statement, scope or objective, proposed solution, methodology, schedule and budget of the project will be presented in this chapter.
Secondary school student performance system (SSSPS) is a platform which is a support to educational, encouraging student, parent and school interaction. It improves the accessibility of student information, as well as significantly increases space for communication between students, parents and teachers. The aim of this is to increase parental awareness of school on-going processes and to facilitate the preparation of reports and it structures the progress of individual student.
One of the school I conducted my research is Jitegemee Secondary School, in which the findings show that they provide task such as student admission, capturing student attendance, producing report card, producing official transcript manually and the school teachers uses their knowledge in scheduling classes and subjects preparing timetable which wastes much time and energy.
By automating SSSPS documents that can take large space or many rooms to store the documents can be stored on few disks, transcript retrieval will be easy it won’t take much time. Taking student attendance will be easy, it will generate report card and record all information of student.
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