Dubliners By James Joyce : Summary

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Elana Sanguigni
Period 3-Honors English
May 9, 2016
Quarter 4 RRJ
Dubliners By: James Joyce


Joe Dillon is a boy, who introduced the Wild West. He has a library of Wild West stories, and every evening after school the boys would meet in the back garden and pretend they were Indians. Joe and his brother, Leo, would fight hard. The other boys never won a battle. Every morning, at eight-o’-clock, Joe’s parents would go to church. Joe played too harsh, in comparison to his smaller and younger playmates. It was strange when the boys found out that Joe had a vocation for the priesthood. The boys banded together, out of bravery, jealousy, or fear. There were a few boys, though, who banded together so as not to seem studious or less strong. The Indian battles were strange, but the narrator felt he could escape. He preferred American detective stories. One day, Father Butler was listening to pages from a Roman History book, and Leo was discovered with an Indian book. Father Butler is confused, and everyone acts innocent. Father Butler tells Leo he is never to find Indian books at college again. He believes that the author wrote Indian books in order to pay for drinks. If the boys were National School boys, Father Butler would understand this behavior. The narrator began to miss the Wild West adventures, as the influence of school became farther away. The Indian warfare in the evenings, though, became boring. The…
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