Dubuque History

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Dubuque hasn’t always looked like it does today. Do you ever wonder how it got to be what it is now? This paper will tell you all about it. Starting off with the name, the city of Dubuque was named after Julian Dubuque, who was the first white man to settle in Dubuque in the 18th century. In the last two hundred years, a lot has happened to shape Dubuque into the prospering city it is today. Dubuque was the first permanent European settlement in what would later become the state of Iowa. Dubuque was a big part of the fur-trading culture and was also a big area for lead mining. The earliest record of lead mining in Dubuque dates back as far as 1960. In 1778 the Mesquaki Indians granted Julien Dubuque rights to mine for lead, so he settled near the mouth of…show more content…
Ethnic groups often stayed together, there were lots of Irish immigrants at the time because there were a lot of Irish families looking to escape the poor conditions in Ireland and the crowded conditions in the east. Most of the Irish families that moved to Dubuque all lived in the southern part of the city, this area became known as “Little Dublin”. When the Civil War came around, many citizens of Dubuque served in the union forces, but many people in Dubuque were opposed to the war and some were even arrested and imprisoned for disloyalty and criticism of the government. Many soldiers from Dubuque who survived the war, went on to work for the government and became political figures representing Iowa. The years after the was when Dubuque really prospered, immigration shot through the roof when the railroad companies came to Dubuque. Many German families immigrated in search of jobs. Lead mining was no longer the center of the city, due to its spot on the river, and other cities forming along the river. Dubuque became a large transport hub. The logging business also took off in Dubuque around this
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