Duck Hunting Is A Dying Sport

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Duck hunting is a dying sport that many people will never get to experience for the ones who have experienced it know that it becomes an addiction and that it is so much more than just pulling the trigger. Even though shooting the ducks make up for a good majority of the fun, there are many behind the scenes acts that go on to make the whole Green Wing Duck Club experience one of a kind. The Club’s rich history, five star club house, scenic location, and conservation efforts all contribute to the full waterfowl experience that fewer and fewer people are able to experience every year. In the late 1800s the historic Green Wing Duck Club was formed by wealthy scholars who cherished the epic and sometimes dangerous sport of duck hunting.…show more content…
This may not seem like a five star lodge, but to a duck hunter it’s all they could possibly want. Walking in the front door is like walking into a rustic, old cabin on a lake long forgotten in the woods. There are old Ducks Unlimited paintings scattered all throughout the trailer along with duck, deer, and old fish mounts. In addition to the entrance room there are also a kitchen, living room, and mud room area, which is all separated by a tight doorway. . Entering the dilapidated kitchen area is like walking through a 1960s family dining room. Old discolored laminate countertops line the perimeter of the kitchen along with a refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker. The duck paintings continue to throughout the kitchen and into the living room. The old 1960s atmosphere is still present when entering the living, but with a few more modern amenities such as a flat screen TV, air conditioning, and running water. Last but not least is the mud room. The mud room is the final area the hunters are in before the big hunt. This is where they get dressed in there camo waders and decide which area of the property they wish to hunt. The Green Wing club house is the member’s home away from home during duck season. Stories of past hunting excursions fill the air when duck season rolls around, and the sounds of old wise men chuckling muffle the room. The Green Wing Club house is where the hunters come together as friends, but

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