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As a University of Oregon student on tract to complete a Bachelors of Science, in both economics and environmental studies this June, I was excited to see this position appear on Duckconnect. A role with the Energy trust of Oregon, as an Engineering Intern, would be a valuable way to build upon my current studies and experiences. My studies have allowed me to adapt a wide range of perspectives, giving me scope and a deeper understanding, over the activities that interconnect our economy, environment, and society. On the other hand my experiences in customer service, are able to demonstrate my ability to communicate efficiently across departments in order to coordinate activities, and demonstrate analytical skills in both technical situations as well as high stress environments.

In my current position, as a front desk agent, I am involved in almost every aspect of the hotel due to the scale of the operation. With such a high level of responsibility and independence, working at the Days Inn gives me the opportunity to improve on a valuable skills everyday. These skills range from answering phones, entering data into spreadsheets, to dealing with unpredictable situations that nothing could prepare me for. In one occurrence there was water dripping
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Within my environmental studies major I concentrated on resources analysis, which developed both an understanding of geologic systems as well as ecologic systems. On the other side of the spectrum, with my economics major, I concentrated on environmental economics. This concentration gave me a robust understanding of both resource allocation and the interactions between the environment and economy. One major product of my studies have been an ability to efficiently problem solve, by analyzing all available information, and effectively evaluate
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