Duddy Kravitz Analysis

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Throughout the novel, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Duddy makes decisions that overall define who he is as a person. These actions show that at times he is moral and his actions can be considered to be good. Though what he does can be good, it can also be considered to be quite immoral or bad.

First off some of Duddy’s actions were very immoral and only did bad for others. Duddy shows himself at times as an unsympathetic person that will do his best to take advantage of others while avoiding any moral responsibility. Duddy is on a quest for land and will not let anything get in his way. As a result of this he decides to give his friend Virgil a job as a truck driver for his company. Virgil being epileptic is at high risk of danger
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Duddy can be considered an underdog that is trying to achieve something that may just be handed to others that are on a different playing field then him. In the novel he is just trying to even out the playing field for himself. Though this does not account for everything Duddy has done, it does give reasoning and justifiability to some of his actions. Duddy shows his concept of fairness when talking to Calder, as Calder explains why he thinks Duddy’s brother should be expelled. Duddy says to Calder, “Maybe he did. But he’s a poor boy and he never met up with ladies and gentlemen before. Present company expected” (198). He comes from a Jewish family and at the time Jewish people would not get the same treatment as others got. For example the land Duddy ends up getting at the end of the novel had to be purchased by Yvette. This was because of the fact Duddy is Jewish and relates back to him being the underdog in the situation. Duddy thinks about what it would have been like if he was born into a rich family. “I’m a failure. All I needed was to be born rich. All I needed was money in the crip and I would have grown up such a fine, lovable guy” (310). Duddy feels that his actions are justified by the fact that he is on the lower end of the playing
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