Duddy Kravitz as an Anti Hero

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Lindsey M. Burns
Ms. Helen MacDonnel
English IB 1, Higher Level
10 October 2013
Duddy as an Anti-Hero In his novel, The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, Mordecai Richler portrays the character of Duddy as an anti-hero. Richler develops Duddy in this way through close relationships with other characters and family members. Various negative traits of Duddy were shown in his business career as well. Mordecai Richler developed the character of Duddy as an anti-hero to highlight complexity in individual people.
Throughout the entire novel, Duddy idolizes businessmen he meets and develops various personality traits through these relationships. After graduating from high school, he has a summer job waiting tables at Rubin’s hotel outside
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His sarcastic response shows that Benjy was not a great family member and certainly did not care about his employee’s working environment. Benjy was not kind to Duddy; he favored his brother Lennie. Benjy believed Lennie would be the successful brother and therefore he did not want to waste time on his other nephew who was very irritating and unmotivated. All of Lennie’s schooling expenses were paid by Benjy. The large spending habits on Lennie shows that Benjy may have wished he had a son of his own to father, and that he felt like he needed to fill an empty space in his life. Duddy becomes very dishonest throughout his career, a trait that was not received by his uncle. Although Benjy may not be the most thoughtful man, he is brutally honest. When he is ill with cancer, Duddy confronts him about how he only treated Lennie well. Benjy’s response is “’Let’s not pretend. Everybody has his favorites.’” (Richler 285). Duddy is motivated to prove his uncle wrong by being a success and making lots of money in his own business. Duddy asked Benjy “’you think I should be running after something else besides money? Good. Tell me what.’” (Richler 287). This dialog displays how Duddy did not think anything compared to having money. He also was extremely unsympathetic towards his uncle’s sudden illness, and shows no remorse or forgivingness towards his uncle. Benjy only had one opportunity to see Duddy before he passed away. He left a letter of advice for Duddy that explains how

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