Dude You Re A Fag Analysis

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When thinking of the word cheerleader one typically imagines a pretty, white, blond girl with pom-poms. Why is it that it is extremely uncommon to visualizes a male identifying person in such a way? In our society cheerleading is considered a female sport and men who become cheerleaders automatically lose their masculinity and according to Pascoe are deemed “fags”. In her article ‘Dude, You’re a Fag’: Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse she explains that “becoming a fag has as much to do with failing at the masculine tasks of competence, heterosexual prowess and strength or an anyway revealing weakness or femininity… (p.330)” In other words, a “fag” is a fluid term a male identified person is called when they are exhibiting un-masculine behavior. In this essay, I use Pascoe’s framework to demonstrate why male cheerleaders are deemed “fags” in the movie Bring It On.
The word “fag” has nothing to do with sexual orientation, instead it is used as a way for other males identifying people to assert their masculinity. Pascoe explains that what is considered masculine and feminine which are, essentially, gender roles is accomplished through day to day interactions. These categorization of gender roles are perpetuated in the society and it is why cheerleading is
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In particular, their school quarterback is always attacking Jan and Les for being cheerleaders. In one scene, the quarterback, approach’s Jan and Les. He taunts them by saying “Whoa! It's sexy Leslie and Jan, Jan, the cheerleading man. Hey, fags.” There is no question that in this scene, both Jan and Les masculinity is being questioned because they are cheerleaders. Due to the association of cheerleading as a feminine activity the act of two men participating makes them “fags”. This exemplifies that the word “fag” is only associated with males once the they act outside their traditional gender
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