`` Dude You 're A Fag, Adolescent Masculinity And The Fag Discourse ``

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In the article “Dude you’re a fag; Adolescent masculinity and the fag discourse” C.J Pascoe addresses American adolescent boys learning to become masculine through the rejection of the fag identity. Masculinity and sexuality are embedded with the word faggot. This article focuses on the challenges of the relationships between homophobia and masculinity. This article points out three arguments that focus on homophobia demonstrating that the fag is not only an identity linked to homosexual boys, but an identify that can temporarily adhere to heterosexual boys as well and highlighting the radicalized nature of the fag as a disciplinary mechanism. Homophobia is usually used to describe ways that boys aggressively tease each other, girls do not harass each other this way and they often aren’t embarrassed in the same manner. Pascoe provides examples of how the fag discourse is radicalized and that failing at the masculine tasks of competence reveals weakness and femininity with sexual identity.
Pascoe argues while certain behaviors put all boys at risk for becoming a fag, some behaviors can be enacted by African-American boys without putting them at risk for or having that label. Its not that this gendered homophobia does not exist in the African-American community, there is a varied system of sexualized meanings among different radicalized ethnic groups. The difference between white boys and African American boys meaning of fag differs around clothing and dancing, which is the…
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