Due Process

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Due Process
Crystal Groff
Strayer University
Professor Freeman
We all wonder what the words life, liberty, and property derived from. In this paper I will be explaining what due process is and how it relates to life, liberty, and property. I will also explain where due process came from and what 2 amendments relate to due process. Before we start though I would like you to know that due process is there to protect the defendant under proving guilty.

Define due process and its origin? Due process refers to a set of established legal principles, derived from the Constitution, that seek to protect the rights if citizens. It is done to insure that the government treats all the individuals properly and does not abuse
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Substantive refers to the specific rights being denied, even if the process is deemed fair. Actions are taken by the state in a process that would be considered fair, but could still be challenged on the basis that it improperly denies a right. Substantive is which includes all your basic amendment rights. An example could be Griswold vs. Connecticut (1995). Connecticut law made it illegal for doctors to dispense birth control to their patients. The court ruled that the law violated the Constitution not because it was passed or applied improperly, but because it denied that patients their right to privacy. Another example could be the law that Pennsylvania has that everyone that wants to vote will need to show a valid ID to prove that no laws are being broken. This applies because it goes against a person right to speech and freedom. One good example I like to think due process came from was from the Bible on the Garden of Eden, because God did not immediately punish them. The first thing that God did was ask “Where art thou Adam?”- Thereby giving him notice. God gave him a chance to be heard by asking “Didn’t thou eat the forbidden fruit (The Beginning, 2007)?” In my options this in when due process came into affects; no one would like to relate due process to the Garden of Eden time.

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