Due To Its Proximity To The Equator, Vanuatu’S Climate

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Due to its proximity to the equator, Vanuatu’s climate can be simplified into two distinct seasons, the cold dry season, and the hot wet season (Vanuatu Meteorological Services, 2017). Occurring between November and April, the wet season is characterised by the increased likelihood of cyclones, with floods, storms, and strong winds being commonplace. In addition to Vanuatu’s location, the warming El Niño phase of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) means Vanuatu experiences drier annual conditions, a cooler dry season, and a delayed wet season (Pacific Climate Change Science, 2011). Increased temperature ranges and annual rainfall correlate with a decrease in storms and cyclones. However, their intensity has noticeably increased, with…show more content…
This means there are not many workers in Vanuatu with the skills required to construct complex design. Education is quite low as the attendance rate for secondary school males from 2008- 2012 was only 37.5% and for females only 35.6% (Statistics, 2017). Due to the harsh road conditions in Vanuatu (Country Reports, n.d.), the size of the finished design may present transportation difficulties if the complete design was is transported to the rural community. If it does arrive, it is not guaranteed that it will remain in a useful condition and may need to be repaired and each additional cost will need to be paid by the local community. 4.2.2 Criteria The design must be able to be constructed easily because there are few skilled workers especially in rural area. Also, the design should be constructed locally as this can give the local community a better understanding of the design and may help them understand the maintenance work. The maintenance work should also be understandable to the locals as acquiring skilled workers from urban regions or overseas will be an extra cost to the local community.Maintenance procedure should be as simple as possible and is able to be carried out by the local community. In addition, the local community would like to have access to the spare parts or its substitute of the design locally. If there is no substitute to the spare part or the spare part itself available in the local community,

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