Due To The Extensive Amount Of Harm That Photo Manipulation

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Due to the extensive amount of harm that photo manipulation causes, it is an ethical issue. Digital photo manipulation in women causes widespread harm, long-lasting damage to women 's self-esteem and other negative psychological thought processes. Research has also found that it causes a large number of eating disorders. It does this by making women chase the ideal, thin body image that is being portrayed in the different pictures and advertisements. There was a study done that examined both the thin-ideal and body classification. Results from this showed that viewing the thin-ideal lead to a higher level of body dissatisfaction (Whyte, Newman, & Voss, 2016). Thereby this issue diminishes the autonomy of the viewers, uses models as a…show more content…
A false idea of what one actually looks like is being portrayed within the photograph. They are providing the viewers with an inaccurate and unreliable picture. It is also important to know who the parties involved in this issue are. The company that decides to alter the image is first handedly involved in this matter. The model that is posing for the shot, which in this case are the women that are being altered, are also involved. Lastly, the viewers of the photograph, which includes all of society and their target audience of females are involved as well.

Knowing the relevant laws when analyzing this issue is crucial as well. Given that the First Amendment grants people with the freedom of speech, these companies are allowed freedom of press as well. This allows the companies to do what they want with the images they have. They are allowed to advertise for their company however they choose, regardless of outside opinions on their methods. They can send whatever message, whether indirect or not to their audience without any restrictions. However there are some company policies that these businesses try to follow. First and foremost they try to market however they think will get them or their product the most attention. They do this at the cost of unethical photo manipulation. Some different companies such as Dove and Aerie have spoken out against this issue and have started campaigns of their own in response to it. The

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